“You brought me back to reality- think more needs than wants. I thought you did a really great job. You were personable and had a great attitude. You showed that you really care about your clients and it’s about helping others.”

Elaine LiClient

“I liked that you went over the differences between RRSP’s and TFSA’s. I also liked how you gave us stats on certain topics and that you did games. The games kept it fun as well as informative.”

Dorothy Dulseminar attendee

“The RRSP and TFSA information was good. Your talk about saving money in purchases was fantastic.”

Alison Aulphseminar attendee

“I really liked the way you explained things in a way that woman can understand. I loved it and you made me feel very comfortable about a very uncomfortable subject.”

Jennifer StromClient

“I liked learning about how to save and feel like I can really do it! I also REALLY enjoyed learning about TFSA’s and RRSP’s. I was amazed at what I learned especially after the fact that I thought I knew about finances. It was a great presentation and I feel like I benefitted for it, and will from now on.”

Mandy GareauClient