Dawn Strong

Dawn Strong

Partner, Financial Coach and Life Insurance Specialist

From Waitress to Wealth Management

Dawn was born and raised in Chatham Ontario but has been living in London since 2000. She took Urban and Regional Planning in school but realized that financial planning, rather than city planning, was her future. She was always good with money and was often asked by her peers what her secret was. The secret was it came naturally. Like a carpenter’s son or a baker’s daughter, Dawn had learned the trade from watching and listening to her father. After working in the restaurant industry for a few years she decided that it was time to go back to school and follow in the family footsteps. Not only was her father a financial planner but also two of her uncles. She will tell you however, that it was restaurant industry where she learned the basics of being successful. “If you always genuinely smile, and truly want to help others, you will always find yourself surrounded with people that smile back and share your sentiments.”
From Waitress to Wealth Management, Dawn knows what hard work takes and doesn’t back down from a challenge.

The Future of the Company

Financial planning isn’t just about setting up a plan and then simply watching it all unfold. It’s about evaluating it, changing it to suit your ever-changing needs, and making sure it all works together to get you to your future goal. That is why Dawn and Rob partnered together to offer their clients planning for today with the guarantee that they will be here to see it into the future.

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