Robert Strong

Partner, Estate and Insurance Specialist

Robert was born in Windsor Ontario but spent most of his life growing up in Chatham Kent. He worked for Brewers Retail from 1976-1990. In 1991 he decided to make a life change, and ever since he has been helping people make changes in their lives and with their finances.

Robert married his high school sweetheart in 1976. Three years later they started a family. They now have three daughters, Dawn, Melissa and Jordyn. He also has a son-in-law Jonathan and two beautiful grandkids. I guess we can’t forget about his loyal companion Lacy, (the dog) as she is part of the family as well. He is also very involved with the community and genuinely likes to help other people. He is a member of Knights of Columbus and has been involved for many years with the Goodfellows. You will also often find him out in the community volunteering for numerous fund-raisers.

Robert is truly a kid at heart. He loves anything with two wheels or four….if it has an engine even better. He has been a boater, biker, and a car enthusiast his whole life. You name it, he has probably owned it, everything from a VW Bug to 40ft Dutchstar motor coach. His wife always says as he gets older, his toys just get bigger.

Within the first two years of starting out in the financial services industry, Robert was recognized as the second top producer with his company. In the following years to come he would remain in the top 75 nationwide. He has helped many families in the community and was there while their children went to school with RESP’s he helped them set up. He watched as his clients goals went from dreams to reality. He also was there when families would experience hardships like the death of a loved one, and was able to implement plans put together by himself and the family members, to insure life would go on. He prides himself on his success because in this industry, you can measure the success of a person by how long they have been around, and over 20 years says a lot.

In 2012 Robert decided to go on his own. His daughter Dawn was working for London Life at the time. Instead of having the restraints of only being able to offer products from one company, they decided to become brokers. Now they would be able to offer a wide variety of products to their growing client base. They also thought it would be a great way to carry on the family name and look after clients for generations to come. He has found it very exciting so far and can’t wait to see what the future has to offer.

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Dawn Strong

Dawn Strong